A few days ago Amazon seemingly leaked the price of the PS5, but judging by how much it was — £600, or roughly $750 United States dollars — people quickly wrote it off as an error. It was later was confirmed by Amazon to be a mistake as some had thought. Now a preorder listing has gone up on Play Asia for a similarly ludicrous price.

Spotted by Wario64 on Twitter, Play Asia lists the console for $700. Before you worry too much, remember that this is probably a placeholder and not indicative of the actual price of the console. It wouldn’t be the first time a mistake like this has been made.

The PS5 is sure to be expensive, but a $700 price point many would argue is suicide. Even $600 is pushing what some people would be comfortable spending on a brand new console, though I think that’s a much more realistic price given the hardware involved. Most people are expecting, or at…

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