Major upgrade

PS5 DualSense

On its way out

DualShock 4

There’s good reason Sony didn’t simply call this the DualShock 5. DualSense attempts to revolutionize the line with a more ergonomic form factor and features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback that serve to enhance your immersion. It truly is the next big step that Sony is taking, and it speaks wonders for what the PS5 may be.

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  • Adaptive triggers
  • Improved haptic feedback
  • Light bar surrounding touchpad
  • New textured grips, triggers, and thumbsticks
  • USB-C charging
  • Built-in microphone and create button


  • Symmetrical thumbstick layout
  • Light bars still might drain battery

The DualShock 4 added a light bar and touchpad over its predecessor the DualShock 3, but at its core it’s only a very adequate controller. There’s nothing too special about it besides the Share button,…

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