People are spending a lot of time indoors lately, and it looks like this has translated to more consoles being sold as a result. analyzed market data from GSD, which tracks software and hardware sales across 17 territories, and found some staggering numbers of video game consoles have flown off shelves recently.

According to the report, console sales for the week of March 16 – 22 rose a whopping 155% to 259,169. This surge was across the board apparently between Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch with all three systems seeing a massive boost.

In terms of specific countries, Italy’s console sales during its first week of lockdown rose 84%, and Spain’s rose 66.1% by its second week of lockdown. France’s console sales increased 140.6% in its first week as well. Those practicing social distance like the UK and Australia saw sales rise by 250% and 285.6%,…

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