Pay £66 a month for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, loaded with 100GB of data.

Three is a network known for its affordable, hefty data contracts. We’ve seen a lot of great value 100GB iPhone tariffs in Black Friday’s gone by, but now Affordable Mobiles is offering some of that same magic for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, making it even better with no upfront costs.

Setting you back £66 a month in this 24-month contract, you’re looking at a total cost of ownership of £1584. Take away the cost of the handset itself RRPing at £1199 and divide by the duration of the contract, this works out as a rate of just £16.04 for this juicy 100GB tariff.

For Android users, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is kind of like that dream phone concept – except that it’s real. Rather than spending…

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