The Oculus Quest is an amazing headset, and one of the reasons it’s so great is that it can recognize your play space and help you stay within a safe boundary. But, until now, the Quest could only tell you when you approach the edge of that boundary. Countless numbers of people have likely tripped over furniture, people, or an errant object that got in their playspace, and the new update to the Oculus Quest boundary system can now recognize those obstacles and help players clear them out before disaster occurs.

Once you’ve mapped your playspace out, Oculus Guardian will let you know if there are any obvious obstacles in the way by highlighting them in red and urging you to get them out of the area ASAP. Playspace Scan, as it’s called, regularly checks the area around you and ensures that your guardian playspace is perfectly safe for all the butt-kicking you’ll be doing in Superhot…

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