Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central

Hand tracking is one of those really nifty things you can do on an Oculus Quest 2 but, because if its lack of consistency, you’re not likely to stick with for too long. That might change just a bit today as developers begin to implement a brand new, higher-fidelity tracking mode that Facebook just introduced, which upgrades hand tracking from 30Hz to 60Hz. UploadVR noticed the change, which was published on the Oculus Developers Blog and includes instructions for developers who want to implement this new upgrade hand tracking method in their games and apps.

Some of the original best hand tracking apps and games were a lot of fun but, ultimately, feel more like demos than any kind of final product. That’s because the previous hand tracking method at 30Hz — that’s the number of times a camera refreshes the image per second — created a fair bit…

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