For some months now, Oculus Quest users have been able to hook their Quests up to a gaming PC and experience all the extra benefits and graphical improvements of PC-powered VR. Until now, though, you had to buy a separate cable that supports USB 3.0 speeds. Thankfully, for owners of a PC with a USB Type-C port, the Oculus Quest can be hooked up to their PC with the included charging cable, as noted by UploadVR. Oculus previously only called this a charging cable to avoid confusion, but a new Oculus Software beta update transforms this cable into something much grander.

While a 3-meter length will certainly put some limitations on roomscale movement, this gives users a fantastic way to try out PC-powered VR and see if the extra investment in a longer cable is worth their time and money. If you’d like to try this feature out right now, open up the Oculus Software on your PC, select…

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