Netgear Nighthawk RAX80Source: Samuel Contreras / Android Central

Netgear makes a Nighthawk for every home, whether you need to focus on delivering raw speed, great coverage, or something that delivers just enough in every category. The Nighthawk RAX80 feels like a common sense upgrade with its dual-band AX6000 Wi-Fi delivering plenty of speed in most home types, great compatibility with current devices, and even a fast 2.4GHz setup for smart home devices.

The Nighthawk RAX80 has a great, modern design with support for all of the Wi-Fi 6 bells and whistles like OFDMA, 160MHz support, and link aggregation. It also manages to do so in a handsome yet understated package that isn’t flanked on all sides with an aggressive antenna design. Instead, you get two dark gray winglets that look like they came off a Boeing 737. This one-size-fits-all router is focused on the most important features, but if you know…

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