Most versatile

Nest Wifi

Great value

Google Wifi

An upgrade to Google Wifi in most ways, a Nest Wifi starts with a router and can be expanded with additional routers or mesh points. The router connects to the modem and has a larger coverage area while the points simply strengthen the mesh. The points also have a smart speaker built-in for Google Assistant.

$169 at Dell


  • 2,200 square feet of coverage
  • Fast AC2200 speeds
  • WPA3 encryption support
  • Consistent software updates
  • Works with Google Wifi

Google Wifi has long been one of the best options for a simple and reliable mesh Wi-Fi setup. While lagging behind Nest Wifi in raw performance, the price advantage means you can more cheaply blanket a home with a lot of interference while keeping speeds high enough for most people.

$129 at Dell


  • Small size
  • All units have Ethernet
  • Consistent software…

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