Get ready for the company’s “E-vent” at 11:00 AM CDT.

What you need to know

  • Motorola is holding a virtual event on April 22 to announce its flagship phone.
  • The event kicks off at 11:00 AM CDT / 12:00 PM ET.
  • The device in question is expected to be the Motorola Edge+.

Ever since the first Moto G hit the scene in 2013, Motorola has been seen as the budget/mid-range champ in the Android space. That’s been great for general consumers who don’t care too much about specs, but for those of us that are self-proclaimed Android nerds, Motorola’s absence in the flagship smartphone space has been disappointing.

Thankfully, that looks to be changing soon. Motorola recently took to Twitter to announce that it’s holding a virtual “E-vent” on April 22 where it’ll host its “Motorola Flagship Launch.”

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