The advent of unlimited data plans in the U.S., taking off starting in 2017, has simplified billing and relieved stress for a ton of people. Per-gigabyte data plans started to seem antiquated — and potentially expensive — as we headed toward a future of video calls, multiplayer gaming, sharing huge photo and video files, and all-streaming media consumption. But now that we’re all on unlimited data plans, it’s reasonable to ask if we maybe went a bit too far in desiring unlimited data and are now getting a raw deal.

Fear of data overages led us to sign up for unlimited — but not everyone benefited.

Our fear of data overage charges that led us to sign up for unlimited offerings didn’t end up saving us much money, if any. Data plans are, well, still expensive in the U.S. Even though the plans have been simplified into a single “unlimited” umbrella where we don’t have to watch…

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