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Mint Mobile delivers a solid network experience on T-Mobile’s network with access to LTE and 5G if you have a phone that supports it. Mint has four plans to choose from, all of which get significantly cheaper if you’re able to buy six months or a year upfront. If you know you have great T-Mobile coverage, Mint can be a great way to save.

From $15/mo. at Mint Mobile


  • Large T-Mobile network
  • Hotspot on all plans
  • 5G access included
  • Multi-month discounts
  • Unlimited plan available

AT&T Prepaid leverages AT&T’s network to deliver great savings in a variety of ways. You can mix and match a family plan with multi-line saving and autopay discounts. You can also save with the 8GB plan with three or 12 months upfront. Data rollover helps you make the most of your smartphone, and 5G access is included with the Unlimited…

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