Microsoft has canceled Window 10X confirmed that some of its features would trickle down to Windows 10, earlier this month. Additionally, it was speculated that Microsoft Store built into Windows 10 would also receive significant updates. The CEO’s keynote address at Build 2021 appears to have corroborated these speculations.

As per Nadella, this important update will unlock “greater economic opportunity for developers and creators.” He promised that Microsoft’s ongoing work on Windows would create more opportunity for Windows developers and creators looking to build and distribute and monetize applications. Speculations suggest that Microsoft will allow developers to submit any Windows application or even third-party commerce platforms in apps. This will allow developers to avoid Microsoft’s own 15 per cent cut on apps and 12 per cent cut on games.

The new moniker might mean that the company is going for a significant remake for Windows. For now, all that is known is that the company will stop shipping its Windows 10X and brings its elements into the main version of Windows 10.


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