According to a new report from Petri (via Windows Central), Microsoft is putting its Windows 10X platform on hold and will not release it this year. The news comes a year after Microsoft decided to scale down its Chrome OS competitor to work on single-screen devices instead of dual-screen ones.

The report claims that Microsoft has shifted its focus on modernizing Windows 10, which will likely include elements that were meant to arrive with Windows 10X. This may come in the form of the Sun Valley update that’s expected for Windows 10 devices later this year.

Windows 10X was announced in 2019 as Microsoft’s answer to Chromebooks. It was announced as a lightweight, web-first OS built around OneDrive, which made Windows 10X similar to Chrome OS in many ways. Initially, the focus was on dual-screen and foldable devices, which have started gaining ground over the past couple of years,…

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