There are plenty of incredibly cool smartphones on the market right now. From the latest and greatest iPhone to a series of Samsung and LG models that make it easy to keep in touch and watch shows on the go, there’s certainly no lack of options when it comes to selecting a smartphone that’s right for you.

The only problem is that the average lifespan of a smartphone in today’s world is a mere two years—meaning that countless phones are tossed in the garbage or abandoned in order to make way for the latest and flashiest model that offers at best a handful of new features that you don’t really need.

Enter the Teracube Smartphone. As the world’s most eco-friendly smartphone, this powerful all-in-one sidekick comes with an all-day battery, gorilla glass screen, octa-core processor, and tons of storage space—along with a 4-year warranty that ensures it will be able to stand the test…

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