Source: ARM

ARM announced new CPU designs for 2020 and one of them is something nobody saw coming — a program that would help companies that make processors build specially customized chips targeting specific user-facing improvements.

You might have read about how the new Cortex-X1 CPU will be 22% faster than the new Cortex A78 design, but that doesn’t do the new Cortex-X program justice. The exciting part of it all is how companies like Qualcomm, Samsung, or even Google could work with ARM and build a chip that’s a fully customized reference design. In other words, the people who invented the technology will help make it work for a specific use case.

Cores can be big and fast or little and slow — it all depends on how long you want the battery to last.

There is no magic involved. A CPU is made of individual processing units called cores. You’ve heard of dual-core or octa-core…

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