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Marvel’s Avengers is what I call a “deceptively complex game.” You can get by with button-mashing, but when it comes to leveling up your characters or taking on tougher enemies, you’re going to need more skill. There’s also a lot in the game that tutorials won’t tell you, making Marvel’s Avengers a game where you learn as you go.

I’ve put many hours into the game, and there are a lot of things I wish I knew when I was just starting out, or understood even after a tutorial explained it to me (nobody said this game was perfect). Here are a few tips that can help you, whether you’re just starting out or are deep into the Avengers Initiative multiplayer.

Don’t worry about Marvel’s Avengers jargon but know what it does

Marvel's Avengers Hulk Meter

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The game is going to throw a lot of odd terms at you, including Intrinsic ability and willpower. It’s confusing to keep…

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