I’m fresh off the heels of publishing my video review of the LG V60, which went live alongside Andrew Martonik’s written review, and to be totally honest, the very first thing I did after my video went live was move back into my Galaxy S20+.

This is partially because my V60 is a locked AT&T review unit, and my personal phone number is attached to a Google Fi SIM. But it was also hugely relieving because for as much as I enjoyed the V60 for its nice hardware, I couldn’t wait to stop using LG’s software, which Andrew and I both complained about in our respective reviews. I’m not even a huge fan of Samsung’s One UI per se (I’m that guy that always prefers Google’s Pixel UI or OnePlus’s OxygenOS), but it feels incredibly modern by comparison.

LG’s software isn’t a deal-breaker, but it doesn’t add any value against other phones.

At first glance, LG’s UX 9 looks perfectly fine, with a…

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