The long-running LG G series retires this year, and in its place comes a new mid-level flagship built around design and aesthetic beauty. The LG Velvet mixes up the stale design language seen in some of the company’s recent phones, and also boasts 5G connectivity thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G platform. In fact, it’ll be among the first 765-powered phones to arrive in the West.

LG’s Dual Screen is back too, with a new, slimmer, and more stylish version of the accessory shipping for the Velvet. The Dual Screen was pretty goofy a year ago when it first debuted alongside the V50. In the past year, however, LG has refined the hardware and software to the point where it’s genuinely useful, improving gaming and multitasking similarly to a phone with a true foldable screen.

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But even though this might be LG’s…

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