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With so many phones that are released during a given year, it only makes sense for some of them to slip between the cracks. Other companies gets fiercer, prices get more competitive, and those that aren’t truly amazing often get left to the wayside.

Unfortunately, that seems to have been the case for LG for the last few years. The company makes solid devices, but a handful of quirks or missteps keep them from achieving true greatness.

2020 is here, and this time around, we’re expecting to see the LG G9. Is this the year LG will finally be able to turn things around? Here’s everything we know so far about the phone.



One of 2019’s most overlooked phones

Not very impressed with what we’re seeing so far from the LG G9? The G8 is still plenty powerful and capable, and you can buy it right now. It’s got an OLED display, good battery life,…

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