With all of the recent privacy concerns regarding Ring devices in the news lately, you might have decided against owning a video doorbell for the time being — but Ring’s video doorbells aren’t the only options out there. The new Eufy Security Wi-Fi 2K Video Doorbell doesn’t let police request your camera footage without a warrant, and it’s even a little more inconspicuous than most Ring cameras.

Eufy’s 2K Video Doorbell is down to $135.99 at Newegg and, thanks to coupon code 4GFSMLV69 taking $28 off during checkout there, it falls to just $107.99. It usually goes for nearer $160 and today’s price is one of its lowest to date. It ships free from Anker’s official store.

Knock knock

Eufy Security Wi-Fi 2K video doorbell

Eufy’s 2K Video Doorbell lets you speak to anyone who approaches your front door using an app on your phone. You’ll be able to see them too. Entering the below…

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