USB-C is getting increasingly popular, and as that happens, there are more and more reasons you might want to buy a USB-C to HDMI cable. Sure, USB-C monitors are getting more popular, but they’re not totally common yet — and even then, it’s unlikely we’ll see products like TVs switch to USB-C any time soon. iVanky is the latest company to join the slew of brands launching USB-C to HDMI cables of their own.

But iVanky’s cables seem to be a little different from the rest. Cables can actually be tricky to buy. Most want a strong cable that’s going to last, but not everyone is willing to pay a ton of cash to get them. iVanky has two affordable alternatives: a USB-C to female HDMI adapter, which you can use with a standard HDMI cable, and a full USB-C to HDMI cable. Both come at under $17, have a braided nylon sleeve, and support features like a 4K resolution at 60Hz.

An adapter on a…

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