The Pixel 5 will feature a mid-tier Snapdragon 765 CPU and much lower starting price than last year’s Google phone, according to a fresh report.

Newoin reported spotting evidence the new phone will use the lower end 765, not top-dog 865 chip while examining a leaked Google Camera APK from the Pixel 4a over the weekend.

The leak showed two new Pixel devices codenamed ‘bramble’ and ‘redfin’. The only other detail in the report is that the two devices will feature telephoto lenses, like the ones seen in Google’s existing Pixel 4 line.

The use of a Snapdragon 765 CPU would be a change in direction for Google’s Pixel flagship. Traditionally the phones have had top of the line specs across the board. Prior to the new rumour, industry rumblings pegged the Pixel 5 line as using the…

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