Still using an iPhone 6 and wondering if it’ll get updated to Apple’s newly unveiled iOS 14 software.

Well we have some bad news for you, answering the question:

Will the iPhone 6 be upgraded to iOS 14?

The iPhone 6 will not be updated to iOS14, the oldest phones to get the upgrade will be the iPhone SE first-gen and iPhone 6S family.

This shouldn’t be a huge surprise, however, as Apple didn’t upgrade the iPhone 6 to last year’s iOS 13. This means that, even if by some miracle your iPhone 6’s battery hasn’t degraded to the point of being unusable, you really should consider upgrading.

First, because iOS 14 looks super swish. Though we haven’t tested it yet, the OS comes with a number of key upgrades. These include a new auto-sorting App Library service, the much desired…

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