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Best answer: No. Unless you have access to mmWave 5G, cable internet will be faster. For some rural customers, though, 5G may be the best option.

Do you have mmWave coverage?

For most of us, 5G is not better than cable for home internet, but it’s a great second option for a select few. If you’ve moved to a new home, you likely only have one option for wired high-speed internet, and that’s cable. A good cable modem paired with a great Wi-FI 6 router can deliver very fast download speeds with good ping times, but it’s far from perfect. Still, a 5G connection with a good signal can deliver comparable download speeds with improved upload speeds as long as you’ve got coverage.

Cable requires a coaxial cable to be run from your house or apartment to a utility pole or distribution box. While these cables are fairly robust, every connection is a potential…

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