Whether you’re running the best Chromebook or you’re using something that’s a couple of years old, you can upgrade your experience and turn your Chromebook into a perfect work from home laptop by adding on an external monitor and a better mic than the dinky one your Chromebook shipped with using a Chromebook-compatibile docking station. The problem is that finding a docking station that plays nice with a Chromebook can take a while because things aren’t always the same as they are on a Windows laptop or a Macbook.

I’ve actually gone through four different docking stations in the last six months because of inconsistent performance on docking stations I got in for review, and I wish that more docking stations were like the one announced by Hyper and Google today. The HyperDrive 14-Port USB-C Docking Station for Chromebook is one of three new Made For Chromebooks products that Hyper…

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