There are no music events taking place right now. Musicians aren’t touring, big festivals have all been cancelled or postponed, and it’s kind of a big bummer. Luckily, just because you can’t go out and see your favorite musician in a concert hall or stadium doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to still catch them perform live. The Room Service Music Festival kicks off on April 24 and is a three-day event that will be broadcasted live on YouTube.

This is a benefit festival, and all of the proceeds from it go to Feeding America and Sweet Relief, so not only do you get to see some amazing music but you also get to do good for others in the process. The event is presented by Trap Nation & Chill Nation, and will actually have multiple YouTube broadcasts going on to simulate the feeling of multiple stages like when you are at a large venue.

Musicians will be “performing” from home so that…

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