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Times are pretty tough and stressful right now, but thankfully, Mother Nature has a little pick-me-up planned for tonight. During the evening on April 7, 2020, through the following morning on April 8, you’ll be able to see the gorgeous “Super Pink Moon” in the sky.

The Super Pink Moon is the first of a couple Supermoons that’ll be visible throughout 2020, but this particular one is expected to be the largest and brightest. The moon itself won’t be pink, but it gets the “Super Pink Moon” name thanks to the abundance of pink flowers we typically see around this time of the year.

Along with seeing the Super Pink Moon with your own eyes, you might find yourself wanting to take a photo of it in order to capture its majesty so you can look back on it later on. Taking pictures of the moon isn’t easy, however, so here are some tips that should help your photos turn out…

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