Best answer: If you want to keep your phone, it will need to be unlocked and compatible with the new carrier. To keep your number, you will need to do a port with the new carrier. Be sure not to cancel your old account until your port is complete.

  • An unlocked phone that works with most carriers: Google Pixel 3a ($350 at Best Buy)

I want to keep my phone

Quite a few new phones are compatible with multiple carriers meaning that you are a SIM swap away from connecting to a new network. Once you check to see if your phone will be compatible with a new carrier, you will have to make sure the phone is fully paid off and unlocked. On some networks, you will need to know your account password or PIN to finish activation.

Check BYOD compatibility

The first thing to check is that your phone will work on your new network. While many phones now work with nearly every carrier, there are a few…

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