The developments regarding the current coronavirus outbreak across the globe are startling to say the least, and keeping the news on 24/7 is even more of a stressor than it normally is. It’s time to turn off the talking heads and all the uncertain reports, but if curiosity is getting the best of you, keep the TV on and check out the movie Contagion.

With a Certified Fresh score of 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, Contagion is a critically-acclaimed film that shows the rapid spread of a lethal virus which covers the globe in a matter of days. The film doesn’t just have a star-studded cast giving fantastic performances, but it’s also remarkable in its scientific accuracy. Story details show accurate depictions of scientific processes rather than the pseudo-science that you find in most movies from this genre.


Source: Warner Bros

This disaster movie is nearly as scary as it is tense. Released…

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