Whether you’re socially distancing or if working from home is the norm for you, a video conferencing tool like Google Meet can be a lifesaver for staying connected and productive. However, sometimes you need a bit more firepower than your smiling face, particularly when you want to show your colleagues what you’re talking about. We’ll show you the simple steps to share your screen during your next Google Meet session.

How to share your screen on a Google Meet call in a browser

  1. From an active Google Meet call, click on Present Screen at the bottom right of the screen.

    Google Meet Desktop Screeshare 1a

    Source: Android Central

  2. Choose whether you want to share your entire screen, a specific window, or a specific Chrome tab (this is new).

    Google Meet Desktop Screenshare 2

    Google Meet Desktop Screenshare 3Google Meet Desktop Screenshare 4Source: Android Central

  3. When you’re done sharing your screen, click the blue button at the top left of the screen that says Stop, or click on the link at the bottom right of the screen…

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