If you have an account with a VPN provider, you can use it on your Chromebook, too! While most VPN companies have something you can download for Windows or Mac that’s a one-click-install set up, you’ll need to enter the information manually on your Chromebook. It’s not difficult; you don’t need to know any network jargon or define any extra parameters, and any VPN setup to work with OpenVPN is compatible.

Products used in this guide

  • Best all-around: ExpressVPN (See latest pricing at ExpressVPN)
  • Keep safe from prying eyes: NordVPN (See latest pricing at NordVPN)
  • Protect passwords and browing: Dashlane (From $5/month at Dashlane)
  • Bear-y safe: TunnelBear (Try TunnelBear for free today)

Before you start…

If you haven’t already, you should check to see if your VPN company has an app in the Chrome Web Store. There are many VPN providers that do, including the ones we mentioned above,…

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