Flubot malware has been infecting users phones by tricking users into instal the malware themselves on their phones after alerting them that their handset is infected. Here’s what you need to know to stay safe.

Once users click on the link, they see a large message, with a warning text that informs them that their device has been infected with the dangerous Flubot malware. In fact, it looks similar to the Google Chrome dangerous Safe Browsing message with its red warning screen. “Your device has been infected with FluBot malware.

How To Save

  • Don’t install any security updates that pop up on your screen. Most updates do not require a lof of action from the user and do not involve downloading a file and installing it yourself.
  • If users are infected, they must avoid entering passwords or logging into accounts, they should perform a factory reset of their phone after taking a backup of their data.

The malware, which typically sends SMS messages to users with a link to listen to their “voicemail” now has a new trick. It then proceeds to steal logins, passwords and other credentials through the various permissions it gains after infecting the device.

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