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I suspect that if you’re reading this article and you’re an Android Central regular that you’re pretty tech-savvy. You’ve probably also been called on more times than you can count to help solve some sort of (real or imagined) tech crisis for friends and family. For many like us, this deluge of calls and texts is usually centered around the holidays, but now that we’re all pretty much working from home and cooped up, you may have had an uptick in requests recently.

Here are some of the tips, tricks, and tools I use not only to write my articles but to help out my friends and family when they ask (just don’t remind them, ok?).

How to provide remote tech support

Video chats

Google Duo

Source: Android Central

Having done customer support in the past, I can tell you that it can be infuriating to try to diagnose a problem over the phone or via text….

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