If you are new to Chromebooks or new to using laptops in general without all of the peripherals and accouterments that you’re used to (like an external keyboard, monitor, and mouse), then you might be facing a bit of a learning curve when it comes to usability and navigability shortcuts. For example, what’s the best way to select blocks of text to copy/paste? Or even better still, how do you perform something as basic as a “right-click” on a Chromebook trackpad to perform simple operations like copy and paste? Have no fear. I’ll walk you through just how easy it is to do once you learn this simple trick.

How to perform a “right-click” on a Chromebook trackpad

You’ll be either ecstatic or shocked at how simple and how powerful this one little action is.

  1. Place two fingers on your Chromebook trackpad (preferably the index and middle).
  2. Gently press both fingers down on the…

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