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Fortnite is officially one of the biggest games on the planet, and with so many people playing it, parents might be wondering what they can do in an effort to stop their children from potentially spending a lot of money in the game. There’s tons to spend on, whether it be the seasonal Battle Pass or daily inclusion of cosmetic skins.

Unfortunately, because Fortnite on Android bypasses the Google Play Store, the built-in parental controls do not help too much, so you’ll have to find some workarounds in order to keep your child from making any unwise purchase on Fortnite.

Set up parental controls where possible on PS4

Fortnite V Bucks Screen

Source: Android Central

Thankfully for parents who have children that play Fortnite on the PlayStation 4, there are parental controls available to them, and limiting any spending is pretty simple, and just requires following the following steps:

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