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With phone displays getting more and more pixel-dense and faster refresh rates, like the OnePlus 9, batteries can drain even faster. Thanks to OLED screens, knowing how to enable dark mode on your OnePlus phone is a thing that not only looks cool but can also save you some battery life. You see, OLED panels don’t activate any pixels when representing “black” — instead, black represents what it really is, the absence of light. By not activating large swaths of pixels, you inevitably save battery life. While it’s not as simple as a quick settings shortcut like on Samsung Galaxy phones, enabling dark mode on a OnePlus phone is still darn simple.

How to enable dark mode on your OnePlus phone

  1. Open the Settings app from either the app drawer or from the quick settings in the notification pane.
  2. Tap on Display.
  3. Tap on Dark Mode.

    Oneplus Settings

    Oneplus Settings
    Oneplus SettingsSource: Chris…

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