Can you hear me now? No? If you’re not happy with Verizon’s service, it’s your right to cancel whenever you please. Just remember that you signed an agreement with the carrier, so you’re probably not getting off scot-free. The penalties and processes associated with canceling your Verizon service will depend on whether you’re on a traditional two-year contract or in a month-to-month agreement. We’ll tell you how to do both.

How to leave if you’re on a two-year contract

Verizon, like most other carriers, doesn’t really push its two-year contract anymore, but if you happen to be in that type of service agreement, here’s what you need to know.

Can I cancel my contract online?

No dice. The only way to cancel is to head into a Verizon store in person or call Verizon’s customer service line. They need to be able to verify who you are before they go losing any money – ahem, canceling…

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