There’s a lot we don’t know about the PS5 yet. What does it look like? How much will it cost? When is it actually releasing? However, we do know a lot of its specs thanks to PlayStation lead architect Mark Cerny. The PlayStation 5 will boost a powerful solid-state drive (SSD), a custom 3.5GHz Zen 2 CPU, and a 10.28 teraflop custom RDNA 2 GPU.

To put that number into perspective, we took a look at the power levels of past PlayStations and how many teraflops they were packing. As you can imagine, the results ended up being comical when we compared the upcoming console to the PlayStation 2, which released 20 years ago. Time sure have changed, and technology as evolved and advanced a lot.

The PS2 GPU ran at a measly 6.2 gigaflops. For perspective, 1,000 gigaflops equals one teraflop. Crunching the numbers, we discovered that a staggering 1,658.06 PS2s equaled the power of one PS5 since…

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