Source: Andrew Martonik / Android Central

You can buy a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with 16 GB of RAM. That’s almost as much as many gaming PCs, and about 8 GB more than most phones. It has a lot of folks scratching their heads and asking why in the world does it need 16GB of RAM, and does that mean my phone with 4GB needs more?

This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen phones come with oodles of RAM. Vivo and OnePlus offer phones with plenty under the hood, and seeing 6 or more GB inside is becoming fairly common. Let’s talk about what RAM is, how your phone uses RAM, and why a phone would have so much more of it than what’s “necessary”.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra can have up to 16GB of RAM — but why?

What is RAM

RAM (Random Access Memory) is short-term digital storage. Computers (and yes, your phone is a computer) use RAM mostly to hold data that active applications — along with the…

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