Honor, a former subsidiary of Huawei, has announced that it will use Qualcomm SoCs for its next phones. Specifically, the company plans to launch a new Honor 50 series, and that new line will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G SoC launched last week. Separately, Honor Germany responded to a user confirming that Google will also be preinstalled on future phones, but that tweet was deleted shortly after. In November last year, Huawei sold its Honor smartphone brand to a consortium of more than 30 agents and resellers, with the goal of ensuring Honor’s survival after the US sanctions two years ago.

The company took advantage of its official Twitter account to announce that a new Honor 50 series is coming soon and that it will be powered by the new Snapdragon 778 SoC. Honor Germany has even confirmed that the Honor 50 series will be launched sometime in the summer, but the exact launch date has not been revealed. During Qualcomm China Tech Day, Honor CEO George Zhao reportedly said that a new phone equipped with Qualcomm’s flagship SoC was also in the works. Zhao also praised his team for integrating the Snapdragon 778G SoC into their next phone in six months, a feat that normally takes a year.

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Honor Germany, in response to a user request for the Android license, confirmed that upcoming phones will come with Google apps preinstalled. This tweet was deleted shortly after, but not before GizmoChina and many other posts spotted it. Since the German account has been so active with announcements and responses, the Honor 50 series will definitely be launched in the German market. The launch in other international markets has not been announced, but we can expect more clarity from Honor in the future.

Since the US trade ban two years ago, Huawei’s smartphone business in international markets has been hit hard. Since Honor was part of the Huawei Business Group, it was also unable to source Qualcomm chips and access Google Mobile services. To ensure Honor’s feasibility, the company decided to sell the brand to a consortium last November. Since then, the company has been working to make inroads into the international market and the Honor 50 series seeks to mark the re-entry of the brands.

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