Time to add some excellent movies to your collection and maybe solve your stay-at-home boredom problem at the same time! Best Buy is discounting a ton of 4K Steelbook movies today only, and at the top of the pack is the Avengers 4-movie Blu-ray collection down to a low price of $99.99. This set usually goes for around $150. Best Buy is the exclusive place to buy this collection, so you’re only going to find it used on eBay and things like that if you look for it elsewhere.

If that collection doesn’t appeal to you, check out the rest of the 4K Steelbook movies Best Buy has on sale today. This is a huge Disney collection that includes everything from the original Iron Man to Toy Story 3 to my personal favorite, Zootopia. The movies are all on sale for either $9.99 or $14.99. As a deal of the day, these prices will expire soon.

The four Avengers movies cover the original Avengers…

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