Staying apart by two meters is a social good. It’s also hard to gauge.

What you need to know

  • Google has launched Sodar, an app that encourages effective social distancing.
  • Making use of augmented reality, it is intended to help users visualize a two-meter or six feet radius around themselves.
  • It’s available as a web-app on Chrome for Android.

Google has launched a new experimental web-app, Sodar. Built to work with Chrome on Android, it’s an AR app that’s intended to help you keep two meters (or six feet) apart.

For a quick recap, as part of state and public health measures to contain the spread of the novel-coronavirus, it has been recommended that individuals going out in public stay two meters apart from each other. This has been dubbed social distancing (the WHO prefers the term physical distancing). Sodar is intended to help you estimate just how far away two meters is…

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