For Android users, Google is reportedly rolling out the “Backup by Google One” update and it’ll bring all Android backups together in one place. Android backups now a days only include app data, call history, contacts, SMS, and a few other data. With Backup by Google One, users will also be able to backup their MMS messages, photos and videos. This new backup option will be available right in Android settings, adding to the dedicated Google One app and website.

Google launched the Google One Unified Backups app in May 2018 which provided users with more storage at less prices. Besides the normal Android backup system which includes app data, call history, contacts, device preferences and SMS, Google One allows users to backup their MMS messages, photos and videos as well. Now, according to a report, Android is getting a new “Backup by Google One” option which will bring the merged backup functionality into the settings.

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In addition to the dedicated Google One app and website, Android users are going to be ready to copy their data to the Google One service from their phone’s backup settings. The report adds that the choice “Backup by Google One” will accompany settings to enable or disable the backup of MMS messages also as photos and videos. It should be available for all Google accounts as they need 15GB of free storage.

According to the report, the new setting is starting to roll out to Android 8.0 devices and will be more extensively available over the coming weeks. It can replace the default Android backup option in Settings> System> Backup.

In September 2019, for Android users, an automatic phone backup feature was joined to the Google One app. The app was also made available on iOS last year.

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