Google first rolled out its Project Soli-powered Motion Sense with the launch of Pixel 4, as its first showcase of what the technology could offer users in a consumer context. Now, it’s released the Soli Sandbox app to spur developer interest in the technology.

The app description aptly reads:

Soli Sandbox is a way to connect your web prototypes to Soli interactions on Pixel 4. Create a prototype on your computer, and set it in motion with Soli gestures through the Soli Sandbox app. You’ll be able to use touchless swipes, taps, and more in your own prototypes!

Project Soli, when initially debuted, it only had a few gestures enabled. Google added a new air tap with the Pixel’s March Feature drop. Now, with the new Soli Sandbox, it’s encouraging developers to create experiences built on those gestures. Soli has been vastly underutilized as it stands, and without any third party…

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