There is a reason a lot of people think Android phones have bad cameras. That’s not true of course, and there are several phones from companies like Samsung or Huawei that disprove it, as well as Google’s own Pixel series of phones. But there is a tiny nugget there that can’t be denied, and that’s when you look to third-party camera apps.

As good as the camera app that comes with your phone is, there are always reasons why people look to apps that use their own camera mode. Maybe you like to use Instagram and use its built-in camera and filters. Or maybe you want control over things like exposure or shutter speed and your phone’s camera app doesn’t give it to you. Third-party apps are there to fill the void and give us what we want.

Your phone came with a great camera app but there are others you probably want to try.

Except when they don’t work the way we think they should. This…

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