Government sources said, large social media companies like Facebook, Google and WhatsApp have shared details with the IT ministry as needed by the new digital rules, but Twitter remains not following the standards.

Twitter didn’t send details of the compliance officer to the IT Department and shared details of an attorney performing at a firm as a nodal contact person and grievance officer, the sources said.

This is when IT rules clearly require that these appointed managers of major social media platforms be company employees and stay in India, they emphasized.

Sources said, meanwhile, most major social media platforms have shared with the ministry the contact details of the compliance officer, grievance officer and nodal contact person, as administered by the new rules.

Major social media intermediaries, including Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Koo, Sharechat, Telegram and LinkedIn, have shared details with the ministry in accordance with the wants of IT standards that came into effect earlier this week.

However, they said, Twitter has yet to follow IT rules.

After a firm response from the government on Thursday, Twitter sent out a communication sharing details of a lawyer working at a law firm in India as a nodal contact person and grievance officer.

On Thursday, the dispute over how Twitter handled certain messages had became an all-out war of words, with the govt claiming the messaging platform was making baseless and bogus allegations to defame India and dictate terms to the world’s biggest democracy.

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It started with Twitter calling the Delhi Police’s visit to their offices a form of “alarm” – a statement that sparked fierce protests from the Delhi government and police.

While the govt called it “completely unfounded, false and an effort to defame India,” Delhi police said the statement was “false” and designed to stop a legal investigation.

Twitter had tagged several tweets by ruling BJP leaders about an alleged opposition strategy document to focus on the govt on COVID as containing “manipulated media”, advising police to visit its offices on Monday.

Twitter said it had been engaged in India as an important market, but criticized new IT rules and regulations which it said “prevent free and open public conversation.”

The government condemned Twitter’s remarks on the allegations of intimidation and threats to free speech and said in an emphatic counter-speech that the microblogging platform had sought to undermine India’s legal system by his actions and willful disregard.

Under the new rules, social media companies such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter were asked to identify the sender of a reported message within 36 hours and perform additional due alertness, including appointing a Compliance Officer, Node Contact Person and Resident Grievance Officer.

The Center said the new rules are designed to stop abuse and misuse of platforms and supply users with a solid forum for resolving grievances.

Failure to comply with the rules would result in these platforms losing their status as intermediary, which gives them immunity from liability for the data of third parties hosted by them. In other words, they might be subject to prosecution if there are complaints.

After the new standards went into effect on May 26, the IT ministry stepped up pressure on major social media companies, asking them to right away report compliance and supply details of the top three officials named.

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