Source: Jerry Hildenbrand / Android Central

It’s opinion time, and one that people might not agree with — I hate how Android 12 looks on my Pixel phone. The giant menu list items, the chonky controls, the animations, all of it. It’s definitely the Google Pixel look and style, but everything seems very out of place to me. I think it all ruins the bright (yeah, I am not a dark mode kind of guy) and minimalistic feel to Android that Google gives us on its Pixel phones.

I know Android 12 isn’t nearly finished and by the time it comes out of testing and beta phases it could change, but I doubt it will. And I’m not throwing shade at the Pixel experience team here. It’s their product and they get to do whatever they like with it, but this time it just happens to be, well, goofy. At least I think it’s goofy, YMMV.

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