Head on over to BuyDig and you can get two amazing start home devices bundled together and discounted. The Nest Thermostat E and Nest Hello video doorbell are down to $239 with code LSR27. Individually, these devices sell for $338. And that’s only because the Thermostat E is currently on sale for $139 at most places. If it was going for it’s regular $169 price, that’d be another $30 worth of savings in this bundle. BuyDig also offers free shipping.

Better Together

Google Nest Thermostat E and Nest Hello Video Doorbell bundle

Both devices have app notifications and smart alerts. Control the temperature of your home from anywhere. Watch clear video of visitors from anywhere. The Thermostat has energy efficiency. The Doorbell has night vision and two-way audio.

$239.00 $338.00 $99 off

If you’re gearing up for summer and the increased energy costs that go with it, you should…

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