“FaceTime” has become a Kleenex-level generic word to describe making a video call on your phone, no matter the platform or what app people are actually using. Yet even in one of Apple’s densest markets, the U.S., a full 50% of people can’t use FaceTime at all — because they have an Android phone. There are great video calling apps that cross operating system boundaries — we just need to get people to use them, and stop perpetuating the idea that the inherently-restricted FaceTime is the default choice.

Now’s the perfect time to give up any excuses and use a cross-platform video calling app.

I know people reading Android Central will probably be using an Android phone and don’t have any chance of using FaceTime in the first place. But this is more about spreading the word to others out there, who we’re all trying to communicate with right now more than ever, who have iPhones,…

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